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888Africa opta por Sportingtech ante un despliegue «significativo» en varios países

888Africa opts for Sportingtech ahead of ‘significant’ multi-country rollout

Sportingtech is to provide the online platform for newly formed 888Africa joint venture which says that the deal provides “exactly what we’re looking for” ahead of a multi-country launch across the continent.

In a bid to gain “market-leading positions” in an array of jurisdictions, Sportingtech’s flagship Quantum product, which boasts access to more than 65 sports, 9,000 games and over 1,000 betting markets, will be utilised.

Christopher Coyne, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 888Africa said: “Sportingtech’s Quantum platform gives us exactly what we’re looking for in order to excel in the African market – an outstanding degree of customisation, modularity and control.

“With all that in mind, we’re delighted to be working with Sportingtech as we continue to push forward in Africa, and can’t wait to see how this partnership develops.”

888Africa was launched as a joint venture by 888 and five industry veterans in a bid to enter what is lauded as a “rapidly regulating continent”.

It is being driven forward by former The Stars Group CMO Coyne, alongside former colleagues Andrew Lee and Ian Marmion, in addition to the market expertise of Editec Online’s former CPO Alex Rutherford and Premier Bet’s ex-CFO Helen Scott-Allen.

“888 is a huge global operator with an incredible reputation and a brand that has become synonymous with betting and gaming. As a result, it’s deeply gratifying that 888Africa has trusted us to deliver exactly what is required to achieve success across the African landscape,” noted Colin McDonagh, Chief Sales Officer at Sportingtech.

“These markets are hugely exciting, and our Quantum platform is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the most ambitious operators, so we’re confident that Sportingtech and 888Africa’s partnership has a very bright future ahead.”

Earlier this year, 888 detailed that it had “invested in a minority stake in 888Africa, with the option to increase its control, and ultimately own up to 100 per cent of the venture in the future”. The venture is expected to initially launch in four markets this year.

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