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BGaming: aprovechar el creciente número de jugadores de criptocasino

BGaming: capitalising on the multiplying number of crypto casino players

The unity of crypto within the gambling ecosystem is one that has seemingly continues to gain global momentum, but has nonetheless been spoken about as standing on the precipice of mainstream acceptance for a significant period of time.

However, for Alexandr Shavel, Head of BizDev Department at BGaming, crypto is making the current igaming space more comfortable rather than representing a totally new world.

In conversation with CasinoBeats, Shavel addresses how igaming entities can best capitalise on growing crypto casino trends, fresh developments from the games provider within the space, and what features should be incorporated into titles to best appeal to crypto enthusiasts.

CasinoBeats: Can you tell us a little bit about the new special pack of crypto games that you will be launching?

Alexandr Shavel: Let’s clarify that the prefix crypto is a bit disputable when used relative to the description of this package of games. Absolutely, the recognition and embrace of these games came precisely from the crypto casinos. However, the games of this genre are united more by fast results rather than some kind of crypto feature.

Various operators on their websites call them in many ways, for example, instant win, turbo games, or mini-games. The most accurate is to call them fast games, I guess. That is what we call this package internally and for promotion.

For now, the fast games package comes with five games, top-of-the-range multiplayer crash Space XY, plus the four most popular games: Plinko XY, Rocket Dice XY, Heads and Tails XY, Minesweeper XY.

Also, by the end of the year, the package will be enhanced with such games as Keno, Limbo, and Mines. What unites all these games? Simple rules and rapid results.

It is worth saying that except for Space XY, none of these games are new for us as for a content studio. For example, Plinko has been available in BGaming’s portfolio and has worked successfully since 2018.

“…crypto is making the current igaming space more comfortable”

Nowadays, any crypto casino suggests its player such types of games, but for some reason, it is still a rare thing for fiat currency casinos. BGaming is pretty experienced in working with both crypto and fiat casinos. Of course, being an advanced content provider, we are eager to pass over a successful experience of crypto casinos to fiat ones.

CB: Crypto has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and that growth is showing no sign of slowing down. What have been the top trends that you have identified within the crypto gaming space

AS: I wouldn’t say that crypto is a totally new world. More likely, crypto is making the current igaming space more comfortable. It is a tool that helps to accelerate processes and make them more convenient without limitations or high commissions. We believed in its success initially, and it is thrilling to watch how the market grows.

If we look closely at the analytics on the state of crypto gambling, numbers will speak better than words. For example, according to SOFTSWISS‘s analytics report, the volume of bets in cryptocurrencies in December 2021 increased by more than 2 times, namely by 259.21 per cent, compared to January of the same year.

If we talk about how the gaming space changes, those who use crypto become true trendsetters regarding games and mechanics. Moreover, we see that this cohort of gamers is multiplying. Given this, fast games with instant results, like Crash and Hi&Lo mechanics, will evolve.

More games where players bet on outcomes and define strategy or exit time will appear. This year, we will see even more quality solutions, both games, and marketing ones, connected with NFT.

CB: And how can igaming operators capitalise on these trends?

AS: Firstly, classic fiat casino operators need to accept that the audience of crypto games is growing and will continue its growth. Then, we have two solutions. The first one is to create a separate project for crypto enthusiasts.

Here we will see a casino in modern, more likely flat style, maybe with its own game token or even its own currency. Another solution is to create separate categories for current projects, like fast games or provably fair, and add the games that crypto players know and love.

“This is precisely the time to consider the statistics and take care of this audience”

CB: Why has now been the perfect time for BGaming to launch this new package of fast games for its partners?

AS: There was a clear line between crypto and fiat projects for a long time. Nowadays, almost all online casinos have an option of crypto deposits. As I said, the number of crypto players is multiplying.

This is precisely the time to consider the statistics and take care of this audience. BGaming is perfectly primed to provide such solutions and will continue to develop in this direction.

CB: From your experience, what features should game developers be incorporating into slot titles to ensure that they appeal to crypto players?

AS: From my side, provably fair is an essential feature for the crypto space. Staying anonymous, players in crypto projects can verify the result and be sure they play fair games.

Provably fair in online gambling can be described as an algorithm used to analyse and verify fair play. BGaming algorithm is based on a cryptographic method that ensures that the outcome of the round is unaffected by the player’s bet.

A player cannot know the result before the actual gameplay but can be sure that the result is not affected by his actions – change of bet, risk, volatility.

The availability of multiplayer gaming has become a competitive advantage as the new generation of gamers wants to play together. Multiplayer games in online casinos are getting more similar to casual games.

The instant win also makes a game stand out against others. The player is often limited in time but hot-tempered and ready to play quickly and for high stakes.

CB: Do you have any more games for crypto enthusiasts in the pipeline for 2022?

AS: Sure, we plan to upgrade the package of Fast games in our portfolio. This year it will grow to at least 10 games. There will be three new games, Keno, Limbo and Mines. The dates in the pipelines are confirmed already. Also, BGaming plans to grow its portfolio with Wheels, Blackjack and Dice Battle towards the end of the year. Stay tuned!

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