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Paulina Hovar, BGaming: llevar nuestra expansión latinoamericana al siguiente nivel

Paulina Hovar, BGaming: taking our Latin American expansion to the next level

Paulina Hovar, Latin America Business Development Manager at BGaming, speaks with SBC Noticias about her company’s expansion across the Latin American market before touching on the challenges with regulations and localisation.

CB: Thanks for chatting with us, Paulina! So can you begin by telling us a bit about yourself and how you came to work at BGaming?

PH: Foreign languages and immersing myself in other cultures have always been my passion. I’m attracted to open and vibrant Spanish-speaking regions and as an easy-going person, meeting new people is one of my greatest joys.

I started learning Spanish as a hobby before moving to Spain, where I was delighted to find BGaming. My work here really gives me the opportunity to be creative and curious every day. I’m responsible for Latin American development and combine my love of languages and culture with working in the entertainment industry, which I find really interesting.

CB: Latin America has been a region that everyone seems to have their eye on at the moment. What are the opportunities for BGaming in LatAm? Are there any particular markets that have captured your attention?

PH: We see the Latin American market as vast and dynamic with tremendous potential, as evidenced by the interest shown in our games. By participating in the series of events in LatAm, we are demonstrating our commitment to this market and our desire to capitalise on its growth opportunities.

With an ever-expanding population and a growing interest in online gambling, Brazil presents exciting opportunities for us. We are keenly aware of the potential of this market and are confident in our ability to deliver immersive and captivating gaming experiences to local players. We recognise the increasing involvement in online gaming among Brazil’s populace, and our commitment to excellence serves us well to cater to the dynamic needs of this market.

Extending our efforts to other regulated markets, such as Colombia and Mexico, is also a focal point for us. Although they can be challenging to navigate, we will strive to meet all regulatory requirements and stay confident in keeping gambling secure and legal, eliminating possible vulnerabilities and exploitation loopholes, and safeguarding players’ rights.

Now we are at the final stage of obtaining Spanish certification from BMM Test Labs for our games, remote gaming server (RGS), information security management system (ISMS) and RNG. Gaining Spanish certificates will help us to obtain further certification in such LatAm countries as Colombia and Mexico.

CB: How will your presence in European markets shape your strategy when it comes to Latin America?

PH: We are already a well-known gaming provider in Europe with a strong reputation, which will help us expand our reach across other regions, including LatAm.

With a diverse game portfolio suitable for any online casino operator, we have much to offer. Of course, we understand the importance of analysing player preferences in the region, which differ significantly from those of European players. As a result, we are actively expanding our collection to cater to the unique local players’ preferences, aiming to make a lasting impact in the Latin American market.

For example, we will be adding scratch games to our portfolio soon and we are releasing brand exclusives with well-known operators in the region, including massive crypto projects, such as Blaze. Our Blaze Million game is already a hit and has gained a lot of fans in the Latin America region.

BGaming is known for partnering with gambling streamers, many of whom have audiences from these regions, giving us the opportunity to receive feedback from local players and use it in developing our game roadmap.

CB: Obviously localisation of content is a key thing to consider when entering a new region. How will you adapt your current portfolio of slot titles – or upcoming slots – to suit the needs of Latin American bettors?

PH: We understand the importance of localising game content. Approximately 90% of our portfolio is translated into 15 languages, including Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. It’s also important to consider the differences in player interests and preferences regarding themes, mechanics, and game characters.

Our portfolio currently includes over 100 products, not only high-quality video slots but card games, table games, crash games like Space XY and casual games that have gained particular popularity among crypto projects.

The more expertise we gain and the more analytics we can use in this region, the wider and more suitable our portfolio will become. From a technical standpoint, our games are also optimised to load quickly and work on unstable internet connections or when using a VPN.

CB: And do these changes differ depending on each individual country?

PH: Some patterns are definitely similar, but the region is large enough and each country has its own characteristics and preferences. The more expertise and statistics a provider has, the finer the tuning will be.

CB: What can we expect from BGaming in Latin America throughout 2023?

PH: In 2023, our primary focus will be expanding our footprint in the Latin American market, while also aiming for global growth.

We are dedicated to not only developing high-quality gambling games, but also helping partners grow their gross gaming revenue (GGR) and get extra business benefits. Offering flexible commission conditions to our clients, we are constantly evolving our product lineup and adding new games to our collection to keep up with industry innovations. Today, our portfolio includes 100+ sought-after games of various types suitable to any online casino operator.

Alongside general game releases, we will also produce customised games special for particular online casino brands and their players’ tastes. This exclusive content makes our partners’ businesses even more unique, giving them a competitive edge in the market. With the added value of tailored gaming experiences, seasonal reskins, and marketing tools, clients increase player retention and engagement while providing the audience with one-of-a-kind entertainment.

As mentioned, we will soon be adding new online scratch games to our portfolio. We also plan to offer customisation of these scratch-offs for gaming operators, meaning we are prepared to create tailor made experiences in partnership with local casinos.

And of course, you’ll see BGaming at Latin America’s industry events. We understand the importance of building relationships and gaining trust among local businesses, and we look forward to showing who we are. See you at forthcoming LatAm shows!

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