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BETER Live abre estudios de estilo europeo y asiático en Rumanía

BETER Live opens European and Asian-style studios in Romania

BETER Live has announced the launch of two studios in Romania, with each studio set to host live casino games tailored to specific regions and markets.

Described as ‘state of the art’ studios, BETER Live is opening one studio to offer games for the European market, while giving the other studio an Indian-focus to host traditional Asian games.

Anna Vikmane, Director at BETER Live, stated: “I’m proud of our teams’ achievements and our business growth which allowed us to already open a second studio in a completely new location during the first year of operations.

“These are only the first steps, and we have no intention of slowing down regarding our expansion into new locations. We also pay special attention to dedicated tables and studios that meet our partners’ requirements.”

BETER Live’s new studios are said to ensure that customers can find table games that ‘best suit their tastes’, offering a mix of classic tables with a ‘cinematic atmosphere’ and darker LED-lit tables to target a younger generation with a more modern design.

The company’s European studio offers a ‘classic design’ while implementing a ‘modern approach’ with floral patterns and a tropical theme, aiming to provide players with a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Meanwhile, when creating the Indian-style studio, BETER consulted with local designers to ‘reflect the Eastern regions cultural traditions’.

Explaining that the new studios reflect the evolution of the brand, Gal Ehrlich, CEO of BETER, added: We’re constantly on the hunt for new opportunities to offer our customers the best experience possible and to bring them a superior-quality product that will not only dazzle with its stylish design, but also impress with its technical capabilities.”

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